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Rona Roberts and Steve Kay founded Roberts & Kay in 1983 and are its partners.

Rona Roberts, Partner

Rona works with clients in three sectors. She likes to start things, find out things, and help people talk together comfortably and productively. Her work is in these areas:

  • Designing, conducting, and analyzing focus group research, with a particular emphasis on public issues
  • Coaching groups and teams on ways to improve meetings
  • Guiding complex public decision-making processes
  • Documenting beneficial civic change in communities
  • Designing and facilitating dialogue
  • Designing and facilitating large group processes, particularly using open space technology
  • Designing and strengthening question-based conversation and decision-making designs

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Steve Kay, Partner

Steve Kay has more than 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of effective group process. That work includes:

  • Creating plans, establishing systems, and building internal capacity to increase work group and organizational effectiveness
  • Providing analysis and technical assistance for complex, long-term change efforts within organizations and communities
  • Serving as facilitator for multi-party groups when members or member organizations have a common area of concern but potentially divergent or competing perspectives or policy goals.
  • Training leaders, managers and coaches in Authentic Partnership™, an approach to communication that increases the likelihood of meaningful and sustained change.

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